Sarah Storey on International Women’s Day

Today is International Womena��s Day. A day which celebrates womena��s journeys and achievements in the world. We asked Sarah Storey about the strength of women in sport and other women athletes, whom she has admired or been inspired by. Sarah herself has won Paralympic Gold Medals across both swimming and cycling as well as World Championship titles, European Titles, World Cup Titles and seventy-one World Records, making her not only a fantastic role model, but a more than admirable woman in her own right. Today she told us this…


a�?Sport is such a great avenue to explore and enjoy for any gender, and the successful women in British sport are fantastic role models. It has been wonderful to share my journey with so many strong female athletes and part of this means that standards keep rising as more women and girls get involved. It is brilliant to celebrate the success that we have had so far and wea��ve come a long way; particularly when there was a time when women weren’t involved in events, such as the Olympics at all!

I am surrounded by incredible women all the time. In 2011 I was working with a group of up to 14 women in the hunt for the Team Pursuit Team who will represent GB in London this summer. With current Olympic Champions, Nicole Cooke and Rebecca Romero and Olympic Silver medallist, Wendy Houvenaghel in that group, as well as current World Record Holders Joanna Rowsell, Dani King and Laura Trott, we were a talent rich group.

Cycling in the UK has some incredible female role models, from sprinters Victoria Pendleton, Jess Varnish and Becky James, to tandem pairing Helen Scott and Aileen McGlynn as well as Road Riders like Lizzie Armitstead, Julia Shaw and Emma Pooley. We have a Junior Road Race World Champion in Lucy Garner and prior to Nicole Cooke, Mandy Jones won the World Road Race Championship in 1982. This list is by no means complete, with many cycling domestiques and talented youngsters playing a huge role in helping create the heroines above, and when you see a list like this on paper, you realise just how many amazing women there are in the UK and in just one sport!

Outside of sport there are so many instances of successful women and I personally think as women in the UK we need look no further than HRH Queen Elizabeth II, who in her Diamond Jubilee year, has worked tirelessly for the UK and is truly incredible.

On a personal note, I have been blessed with some amazing female friends and each of them successful in their own fields of work. Without the support of people who share the same zest for life, I dona��t think anyone, male or female can truly enjoy their success as much of that enjoyment also comes from sharing it with those who are closest to you.a�?


Sarah is set to make an appearance tonight for Deloitte in order to join others in celebrating women and their invaluable roles in our world and we would like to thank her for talking to us.

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