Etape Suisse luxury cycling sportive partners with Bio Synergy

Newly launched cycling sportive hospitality company Etape Suisse has announced it has teamed up with innovative sports nutrition brand Bio Synergy, to power up the performance of its participants.

Taking place in the luxury Swiss resort of Davos Klosters during 5-8 September, Etape Suisse offers an unrivalled weekend of sportive cycling, socialising and luxury.

Riders can choose one of three distances of varying difficulty. No matter which option they choose, all riders will need top level nutrition and hydration products en route to maintain their performance, which Bio Synergy will be providing, including their ActiVeman and Active Woman, the UK’s first nutrition range dedicated specifically to women.

The Two-Pass Endurance Challenge is 150km long and contains 2,900m of climbing, including the dramatic Albula and Fluela passes, while the Two-Pass Challenge crests the same two climbs but is only 120km. A third choice is the One-Pass Tour, an 80km route which climbs only the Albula Pass. All the routes can also be completed on ride-assist electric bikes so that everyone, no matter what their ability, can enjoy the beauty of sportive cycling in Switzerland.

Daniel Herman, Bio Synergy founder says: I am delighted to that Bio-Synergy brands Active Woman and ActiVeman have been chosen to support the riders nutritional requirements to get the most out of the event. I look forward to a long-term partnership with Etape Suisse?

Robert Simpson, Etape Suisse co-founder says: Etape Suisse provides a new level of luxury and socialising to the traditional sportive weekend. We’re pleased to partner with Bio Synergy, as they’re recognisably the best in the industry to provide tailored nutrition to our guests.

aWe aim to encourage as many women as possible to join Etape Suisse and the fact that Bio Synergy has the successful Active Woman range is a huge plus for our female guests.


For more information on Bio Synergy visit: www.bio-synergy.co.uk

Media information:

Media are welcome to sample some Bio Synergy products. Please contact Jo O’Connell to arrange (see details below).


About Etape Suisse

Etape Suisse combines cycling on some of the world’s most spectacular roads with five-star luxury. It’s an unrivalled weekend of socialising, sportive cycling and luxury in Davos Klosters, in the idyllic Swiss Alps, 5-8 September 2014.

Victoria Pendleton, Olympic cyclist says:”Etape Suisse is going to be a fantastic event, not only because of the incredible scenery out there as you cycle through some wonderful passes, but because there’s going to be a great social element to it as well.”

Rochelle Gilmore, owner, manager and rider, Wiggle Honda says “We love riding in Davos Klosters – it’s spectacular. To step out of your hotel and see the amazing views is so motivational. There are no cars, no traffic lights and the air is fresh. It’s the perfect place to go and get the best out of yourself.”

Watch this trailer for a taster of what to expect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqkbXAL1hQw

Taking place in the Graubunden Alps, and starting and finishing in Davos, participants have the option to ride one of three distances of varying difficulty.

But it is not just keen cyclists who can take part, because ride-assist electric bikes are on offer for those wishing to experience the thrill of cycling in Switzerland but don’t necessarily have the required fitness to complete the routes.

Even if that is still a step too far, the weekend is packed full of activities to keep non-cycling companions entertained, while Davos Klosters is ideal for hiking, shopping, golf, spa treatments and many other leisure pursuits.

Every detail has been considered; bikes can be transported and set up perfectly for the guests arrival. Groups can travel in luxury with Etape Suisse air travel partner SWISS, and then enjoy the best accommodation and cuisine in the world’s leading Alpine resort.

Truly a first for cycling, Etape Suisse has raised the bar for all sportives by partnering with Mosimann’s, the private dining club in Belgrave Square. Mosimann’s is rewarding riders with its world-renowned mushroom risotto at the lunch stop, with luxurious snacks such as Mosimann’s flapjacks being available at other food stops.

There will also be the opportunity to trial the exciting 2015 BMC bike range, and enjoy an awards ceremony and gala dinner, which will include an auction raising money for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. Prizes include rides with professional cyclists and the opportunity to ride in the BMC Racing team car at the Tour de France.

Prices excluding flights start from A?1400 per rider, A?1250 per non-rider.



Bio Synergy’s top tips for everyday hydration and nutrition

Diet plays an important role in your energy levels. Here are a few nutritional tips to help keep you going strongall day.


Adequate hydration has a large impact on energy levels. We all know thirst is a signal that we need more fluid, and for those who ignore that signal, it can lead to impaired physical performance, increased effort for physical work, nausea and difficulty concentrating. Further dehydration can lead to much more serious complications.

The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) indicates that men should consume an average of three litres or 12 cups of fluid daily in order to stay well-hydrated, whereas women who consume an average of 2.2 litres or about nine cups of fluid from beverages daily are generally well-hydrated. The main thing is to make sure you are getting enough to satisfy your body’s needs, to keep you energised. Bio Synergy’sPure Energyis an ideal product for hydration.

Regular meals

Meal timing is another important factor. People often skip meals, and wonder why they are tired in the afternoon. Skipping meals can cause swings in blood sugar levels, often resulting in fatigue. You should eat at least three meals each day, although 4-6 small meals spread three to four hours apart can also help you fight fatigue.


Protein is important for immunity and minimising the loss of muscle mass, however it also helps prevent major fluctuations in blood glucose levels after eating foods high in carbohydrate. Additionally, protein blocks the action of serotonin, a chemical messenger that induces feelings of calmness and fatigue.

Eat two to three servings of protein daily. Protein is in a variety of foods including lean meat, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds, lentils, low-fat yogurt, peanuts, reduced-fat cheese, hummus and even pasta or include a Whey Better shake.

– ends –

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