Dan Jarvis at the Track World Cup

This week we are delighted to hear from Dan Jarvis who has been absorbing the atmosphere of the Track World Cup in London. Here Dan tells us all about it in his own words…

I don’t know if it’s down to professionalism or excitement, but I got into Stratford this morning a few hours before I needed to!!

The first thing that hits you as you reach the Olympic Park is how amazing it is looking. The velodrome, which a young fan informed me earnestly “Looks a lot like a Pringle,” and is a breathtaking piece of architecture. This is a test event and, accordingly, all of the measures that will be in place later this year are being tried out. That means security checks, accreditation, etc, etc – all handled cheerfully and professionally by the staff on site. It’s pretty cold this morning but in the bowels of the velodrome its pretty warm. Although I suspect nowhere near as warm as the welcome that Team GB will get today as they look to addA�to an already amazing tally of medals.


The mention of Sir Chris Hoy’s name by venue announcer Mike Smith has just elicited a mighty cheer… its going to be a good one I think.


To be continueda��.