Cyclevox produce bike design documentaries for Open University

The bicycle has come a long way since its introduction to Europe in the 19th century. From a wooden contraption without pedals, gears or brakes, to the light, high-tech, streamline machine of today; the story behind the design is a fascinating one.

Commentary, PR and production company Cyclevox has produced a series of short documentaries, Design Behind The Bike, for Open University’s free OpenLearn programme. Five films cover all aspects of bicycle design including history, aesthetics, wheels, frame and materials. The series is already proving incredibly popular, receiving over 11,000 YouTube views in its first week.

Design Behind The Bike interviews a number of cycling legends including five times Tour De France winner Bernard Hinault, cycling commentator Phil Liggett MBE, and former pro cyclist Roger Hammond. The creative teams behind such leading brands as Raleigh, Rapha, Condor, Genesis and Mavic also share insights into bike design and manufacturing.

The series is the sequel to the Science Behind The Bike programmes Cyclevox produced for Open University in 2012, which has had nearly 70,000 YouTube views and became the number one global download on iTunes U for several weeks.

Cyclevox has produced cycling programmes for ITV4, Sky, Eurosport, Supersport and online channels. Founder of Cyclevox, Anthony McCrossan, says:

We want to produce programmes and features that are factual and interesting, yet also inspire others to join this exciting and ever-changing industry. With this new series, Cyclevox has produced a fascinating analysis of the industry. We are proud of the project and success is evident in the immediate popularity of the programmes. We have a genuine passion for cycling and it has been a pleasure conveying the broad subject of design into film. The production team couldn’t believe their luck when I told them they were travelling to France to interview Bernard Hinault!

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Watch the films for free on Youtube: http://bit.ly/1b8T49v or download via iTunes U: http://bit.ly/HYT410